Decarbonization: Energy Efficient Coding Approaches for Reducing Global Energy Consumption

Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Sector

Main Contributors for CO2 Emission & Energy Usage

What are the Energy Consumption Reduction or Clean Energy Production Approaches?

How can software developer/architects contribute to the decarbonization?

  • Use the latest version of software products since they are mostly well improved in terms of the performance and resource usage perspective
  • Reduce data transmission over the network and try to find the shortest paths for the data to be transmitted. This is indeed also related to SDN-Software Defined Networks, where SDN controllers can dramatically reduce the energy consumption by adding new flow paths to the switch, and these can be dynamically configured.
  • Process data at local if it is transmission is not necessary. The harmony of the edge- and cloud-computing can lead to the processing of the data at edge, thus reducing the data transmission over the network.
  • Reduce the amount of data to be transmitted through the compression techniques.
  • Refrain to using redundant servers (virtual machines) if not vital, and focus on container technologies thanks to their flexibility and reliability.
  • Designing loosely coupled systems and switching from the monolithic architectures to microservice architecture to reduce the energy consumption overall. This helps also to identify the more energy consuming component, and even it can be designed in a way that it can consume less energy by using another programming language.

Do programming languages affect the energy consumption?





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