PDF File Generation using Python

Available Python PDF Libraries

Basic Requirements

class PDF(FPDF):  
def header(self)
def footer(self)
# add roboto-bold font with unicodefpdf.add_font(‘roboto-bold’, ‘Roboto/Roboto-Bold.ttf’, uni=True)# set roboto-bold 15 ( font size)fpdf.set_font(‘roboto-bold’, ‘B’, 15)
# add Colors of frame, background and textfpdf.set_draw_color(34,139,34)
fpdf.set_fill_color(0, 0, 0)
fpdf.set_text_color(255, 255, 255) or self.set_text_color(128)
# Thickness of frame (1 mm)
# add text
fpdf.cell(30, 9, ‘text, 1, 1, ‘C’, 1)
# add adjusted centered multi cell
fpdf.multi_cell(30, 6, ‘text’, 0, ‘C’, 0)
# Line break
# set margins
fpdf.set_margins(0, 0, 0)
# set x,y coordinationfpdf.set_xy(2, 5)# Position at 1.5 cm from bottomfpdf.set_y(-15)
# draw a rectanglefpdf.rect(x: float, y: float, w: float, h: float, style = ‘’)# add ellipsefpdf.ellipse(x=20, y=30, w=40, h=40,style=’F’)# add a triangle, it supports also other polygon typescoords = ((p1, p2), (p3, p2), (p4, p5))fpdf.polygon(coords, fill=True)# add linefpdf.line(100,0,0,100)
# add imagefpdf.image(file_path_name, x = None, y = None, w = 100, h = 100, type = ‘’, link = ‘’)
# add a pagefpdf.add_page(orientation=’’)
# add page breakfpdf.set_auto_page_break(auto=False)

Use Cases

Generating PDF reports from Excel Files

Placing Images into PDF Page

Adding Two Column Texts

Adding Texts on Custom Designed Pages

Creating Pure Art-Oriented Pages

Creating Book Chapters

Creating Custom Calendar





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