Docker hub includes many images that are composed of different libraries. These images fulfill the requirement of the used environment. If you cannot use the existing one due to the fact that your application requires a different setup and libraries, then you need to create your custom image. Thankfully, the docker file helps us in defining a custom docker image. This file will be executed by the docker server according to the written commands to initiate the custom docker container.

Docker file will be transferred from the docker client to the docker server which applies all defined commands step by…

Angular framework is maturated and provides quite important functionalities in comparison to other competitors such as Vue.js and reactive.js. Personally, the separation of the codes is my favor, and mostly I don’t prefer to use the libraries that mixes CSS, HTML, JS codes, even they can provide more performance in some fields. Angular is well-constructed with its components and easy to maintain. Thanks to its features, it is actually a good candidate for the complex applications. If you plan to create a simple website than the angular can be cumbersome due to the long learning curve. …

In the previous tutorial, I introduced simply the structure of the docker and its components that are built on top of the namespaces and controller. This tutorial shows us mostly the practical usage of the docker client, namely, docker command.


docker run hello-world -> "hello-world"
docker run busybox echo “hello world” -> "hello-world"
docker run busyboxy ls -> "bin, dev,etc,proc, root,..."
docker ps -> list the running containers
docker ps — all -> all created container that are running or run once a while will be listed
docker create busybox echo hi there -> run "echo" command on the busybox imagedocker start <ID> ->…

IoT shapes our life dramatically and finds a lot of solutions for daily problems. If IoT combines with another field such as machine learning, conversational assistance, etc., the number of the idea increases and enables us to think out of the box. In this tutorial, my intention is to give an IoT use-case which can quite helpful for most of us. I called this use-case as “Who are you (WAY)” or it will hinder asking this question whenever someone stays in front of the door and requesting from us to open the door. The traditional way is to ask “WAY”…

A simple introduction to the docker containers

Docker makes our life easy while running or installing a software without worrying about the setup or dependencies and probably the unique purpose of the docker is to provide an ecosystem for creating and running isolated software in other words containers. In order to fulfill this requirement, it has six components as depicted in the following figure.

Docker Architecture[1]

Docker daemon listens continuously to the request of Docker API and is responsible mainly for the orchestration of Docker objects, i.e. images, running containers, network interfaces and volumes (reserved data block). In order to enrich the…

The purpose of this program is to remotely monitor the bandwidth usage of the platform on which it is installed, and to dynamically manipulate the bandwidth usage of the platform network interfaces. The communication interface between the remote system and the system being monitored is performed through the CoAP transmission protocol. The server side where the monitored system receives new commands or simply the latest bandwidth usage and transfer the requested measurement to the requester.

The test environment is composed of a Raspberry Pi 3B+, a remote computer and Firefox (version 55.0.3 or lower) that supports the CoAP plugin[1]. …

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